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Virtual Computers for IT Age

INET VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) is a private modern virtual computer that equips you as if you had a PC. It allows you to work anywhere at any time through internet with PC, laptops, smartphones, tablets, etc.

  • You can work anywhere at any time as you have your PC with you without any burden, with just internet access.
  • Assist the organization to control Information Security Management Policy for internal information.
  • INET VDI offers highly secured system by using authentication confirmation equipped with SSL 256 bits and reliable Antivirus Program.
  • The system provides daily backup data.
  • System Administrator can manage and update software from the center, hereby reducing the workload and using illegal software rights issues.
  • Reduce the organization's investment cost for equipment by using BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) such as PC, laptops, smartphones, tablets (iOS/Android), etc.
  • INET VDI System on INET Cloud assures your data security with ISO/IEC 27001:2005.
  • Expert team is available for consult at Call Center 24 hours.
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