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SpeedLive CDN is the large network of servers distributed more than 200 PoPs around the world and we have 3 PoPs coverage in Thailand. These servers are connected through Internet and main function to distribute content to clients as fast as possible. It also increases the efficiency of accessing those data (Availability) at any time.

Data or Content on the Internet that is transmitted through the CDN is available in a variety of formats, such as text, images, files, documents, software and multimedia files, etc. These data are copied and cached on the servers, which scattered around the world. When clients requesting content, the nearest server will respond to those requests instead of requests to origins server. CDN can speed up the transmission time faster than ever before. On average, more than 50%

Who uses CDN?

  • Media & Technology
  • E-Commerce
  • E-News
  • Hotel, Airline

If you have problems about these:

  1. Slow web loading speed,
  2. Managing content with high bandwidth consumption
  3. Overloaded network
  4. No control over the sites that your users are visiting

SpeedLive CDN is the solution for you

SpeedLive CDN offers several benefits to website owners, content owners and applications. Included network providers or ISPs.


• Website Owner

CDN can help clients to access websites and web-application by load or display content faster than not using CDN.

• Content owners, E-Commerce owners, Online media provider and Cloud Provider

Can use CDN to provide a great service experience to customers. Whether it is faster data access especially if the customer is abroad and clients can access to information any time anywhere. And security guarantees such as the use of DDoS attacks, etc. This creates a strong brand Loyalty in the long run.


With a high rate of online streaming and video on demand, CDN has improved the clients experience to suit a variety of devices, such as notebooks, smartphones or tablets, as well as help to reduce the amount of traffic on the network and the origin server by distributing the content to the CDN system. In addition, the ISP can use CDN to improve their company.

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