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INET Streaming on Cloud
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With the rapid growth of digital TV and broadcasting on air in Thailand, this has caused an intense competition in terms of number of stations and viewers abruptly. INET, therefore, has developed INET Streaming on Cloud in the considerations of service, live-broadcast flexibility, and capacity adjustment to the number of viewers, less burden on monitoring system officer, including reduced cost of investment to leasing system.

INET Streaming on Cloud is live-broadcast service, video, picture and sound transmitted from the signal owner to a large volume of viewers spontaneously to a variety of receivers such as computer, mobile phone, tablet or smart TV. INET Streaming on Cloud consists of many servers effectively worked together under the concept of "Service Orchestration" on INET Cloud, which has large scale and IT safety based on international standard ISO/IEC 20007:2013. The quality and bandwidth can be expanded immediately to fit a large number of audiences, this can ensure that your communication will not miss and can reach all target groups. The system will be monitoring by officers 24 hours.


  • Monthly leasing system reduces the cost of investment in building its own system.
  • The system is on Cloud with large bandwidth and enable to handle the high volume of viewers simultaneously.
  • The system is flexible to absorb the increasing number of viewers automatically.
  • The system will select and distribute the traffic to maintain the quality of signal to the viewers.
  • Many receivers are available such as computer, mobile phone, tablet, smart TV, etc.
  • Support video streaming on every format.
  • Full report on number of view transactions, with alert system on malfunction.
  • The expert team are monitoring system and available for assistance 24 hours.
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