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New Form of Meetings: Anywhere & Anytime

WebEx Meetings is a new form of its kind that allows you to really sense first-hand experiences with its various aspects, and simultaneously answers your every demand. With just internet access, you can ultimately holds a meeting anywhere at any time in any circumstance.

Absolutely new type of Meeting! Anywhere! Master it just in the blink of an eye!

Prominent Aspects

  • Allow you to hold a meeting up to 100 persons at one time.
  • Allow you to audibly and visually follow a meeting.
  • Real-time sharing multimedia, pictures, and on-screen documents.
  • Enable the use of various devices: laptops, PC, Smartphones, and tablets (iOS/Android).
  • Enable you to connect MS Outlook schedules.
  • Support the application of Virtual Classroom or On-line seminar.
  • Enable you to record the meeting and to share it to the present participants.
  • Easy application of the system through efficient INET Cloud with its data-security control certified by ISO/IEC 27001:2013.
  • Save costs and time.
  • Much less financial investment for time consuming in supervising the system as it is operated by INET.
  • Our call center is at your service around the clock.
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