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INET EDC Network

EDC Pool (Electronic Draft Capture) is the joint service from the TOT Public Company Limited which has the most extensive network in the country and INET which is the expert in network administration

EDC Network Service is a one-stop electronic payment service and a solution provider for smart card applications for all commercial banks and card issuers in Thailand. EDC Network Service supports EDC terminals and issuers via dial-up, leased line, modem, TCP/IP and GPRS (from mobile operators AIS and DTAC). This service has been specially designed for every series of EDC terminal to fulfill all the requirements of commercial banks and merchant stores.

Operating procedure

EDC Pool acts as an intermediary between various EDC terminals scattered throughout the country and the card issuing banks. Shops with modem-equipped EDC terminals will send information to the EDC Pool which will relay the information to the specific bank to be processed internally and relay information back to the EDC terminal. The participating banks still have internal control of their card operations while the EDC Pool will make sure that the information relayed conforms to MasterCard and Visa credit card transaction standards.

EDC Pool expands business channels

  • Secured system with 24-hour backup switching in case of malfunction
  • Reduce telephone connection cost.
  • Can make several payment channels with varied electronic payment transactions.
  • Lower credit card payment transaction cost.
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