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Services & Solutions
INET Data Center

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World Class Data Center is here

INET-IDC is fully integrated information technology center which been awarded the Data Center Service Vendor of the Year 2013 from Frost & Sullivan company. The organization gives consulting and world class level of research; the announcement ceremony Frost & Sullivan Thailand Excellence Award 2013 can be guarantees the outstanding in the business field of Data Center service of INET which serve the demand of new age of business by technology that meets global standard and Security level of perfection. INET design Data center under the concept of Clean, Green and Energy Saving including connect with high Bandwidth Internet Network together with high stability Internet Network in form of Full Redundancy supports all kind of situation from unexpected disaster; data security meets.

INET Data Center ready to serve all demand fully integrated with 3 main centers.

  1. INET-IDC1 : Bangkok Thai Tower, Rangnam Road.
    Information technology Data center can satisfy the need for new age of Business and have high flexibility with high-tech technology that has service area over 2,000 square meters. Locate in central Business area and transportation system connecting center such as car BTS, MTS, Airport link and water path transportation.

  2. INET-IDC2 : Thai Summit Tower, New Petchburi Road.
    Newest information technology data Center with management that support and design with concept: Clean, Green, Innovation Saving and Security follow global standard perfectly on service area over 1,500 square meters. Located at Rangnam Soi, Khwaeng Thanon Phayathai which is in the center of the city near Business area and shopping mall; fast and conveniently travel by BTS.

  3. INET-IDC3 : Saraburi province.
    INET's new data center located in Saraburi province, is expected to be new high technology data center in Thailand. With the world class designing and construction, INET-IDC3 is dedicated to support your both DC and DR as well as seating for emergency incidents, BCP. The data center, is about 100KMs away from Bangkok Metropolitan, settle in the above standard selected location, which is the combination of new high technology, committed stability and standardized security.

INET Data Center for Organization

Answering the needs of financial institution, property security, insurance including government leading organization and private International Corporation; continually operate business without stopping even one second.

  • Need to store and efficient data base management and highest security.
  • Need the best central approval for unexpected disaster.

Assurance with high quality service with standard Level ISO 27001 :2013, ISO/IEC 20001:2011 and ISO 22301:2012

  • Network Infrastructure system
    Networks have high stability in Full Redundancy platform for preventing risk. System can reduce work force for each other. If one of device was malfunctioned, the system can continue working on.
  • Facility system
    2 Information service center have redundancy air condition system, Power Supply (UPS) and Generator Set. Temperature Control Room, Moisture detection system and fire protection system up to the global standards ready by 24 hrs.
  • Security system
    Network security has high security network protection Network (Firewall) Hardware, Software and Policy Security. Including security for information system Data Center; which have in-out security with personal password and finger print scanner and security card for double protection. Manage in-out system every point trough Access Control system with CCTV all area.
  • One-stop Service
    Integrated services which To meet every need in one place, such as Trade Hub, Payment Gateway, Internet Access, SSL Add-on Services and many more.
  • Guarantee Internet Connectivity with 99.90% Uptime and IDC Infrastructure 99.99% Uptime Service Level Agreement (SLA).

INET Data Center Service category

Co-location Co-locaton for the organization that require privacy in various ways. The available models provide a wide range services including Co-location 1/2 Rack, Service Co-location Private, Service Co-location Full Rack or Co-location Full Rack (HD).
Business Continuity Planning Reservation area service center for emergency. With a backup working area with Internet and convenient equipment To propel your business during an emergency.

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