Smart Solution


Artificial Intelligence

Infrastructure service for data analysis and processing for the quicker and more accurate results to minimize the process and time to manage data that mitigates the human error for the better solutions.


Chatbot as a Service

The automated answering system which provides the products and services information quickly base on a set of frequent questions. The line can be transferred to Call Center to interact with the staff smoothly. A social survey is accessible to evaluate the CSI Score by Chatbot as a Service, which is provided by INET Dell Cloud Smart Business. Therefore, the marketing and sales team is connected to the customer 24 hours without time limitation. The service is available via Facebook, Web Chat Messenger and Line.


Analytics as a Service

Service the software for data analysis and display the results as the online graph with Near Real-time update so the administrator team monitor the data to make a quick decision for planning or resolving problems timely.

  • Analyze the sale and marketing plan to evaluate a distribution channel.
  • Analyze the highest-lowest profit products for marketing and production planning.
  • Analyze the company performance so the top management can make decision on investment.
  • Analyze the investment relationship to manage cost management.
  • Analyze the strengths and weaknesses to compete with the competitors.


Big Data as a Service

Big Data is an organization that employs the data from different divisions, such as database, files or data, and data from social media, which the data size is very huge and causes the problem to IT. Therefore, Big Data and Data Analytic service is developed to analyze data and enhance the products and services efficiency. Moreover, it facilitates the management and storage system.

INET Smart Big Data - A new alternative to upgrade the operational efficiency and competitiveness

Infrastructure service for Big Data Solution to analyze, evaluate and predict the possibility that is more reliable than using the human experience solely. The service, along with the tools and equipment facilitating the analysis and processing, simplifies Data Science function. It supports Hortonworks and Cloudera.

  • Fast : The speed of system availability and the installation of Hadoop Ecosystem for instant use.
  • Scalable : Adjustable capacity of the storage according to the system availability.
  • Cost Saving : Reduce the cost of equipment management and maintenance by the actual use.
  • Flexibility : Support the connection of protocols, including the current systems used by the clients.