Smart Office

File Sharing as a Services

Software to store all sizes online data at the reasonable cost. File sync & share technology is implemented to manage and deal with the privacy and user classification, as well as to prioritize the users for the files access.

Who suits File Sharing?

  • One who needs a Cloud space for data storage that can be accessed easily and quickly.
  • One who wants to synchronize the data from the personal device to store on Cloud automatically.
  • One who shares the files with others through the international security standard such as setting password for safety.

Good points of file sharing

  • Access the files from anywhere at any time.
  • Share the file to anyone within and outside your organization.
  • Support all devices (Computer, Tablet, Mobile Phone)
  • Unlimited data transfer


Desktop as a Service (DaaS)

Virtual Machine for new IT people
New Virtual Machine functions as your personal computer at all the time. You can work from anywhere at any time easily by connecting the device, such as PC, notebook, smartphone, and tablet etc to the internet. Your organization is able to control the data usage and software policy as desired and ensure that the INET VDI has the highest IT security for work agility and business efficiency.

  • Work from anywhere at any time via internet.
  • Facilitate the organization to control the internal data management policy.
  • Be confident with the security by having the authentication and SSL 256 bytes system and the reliable antivirus.
  • Daily backup to prevent the loss of data.
  • Assist the administrator for the convenient and quick software update from the center, not one by one device, and minimize the illegal software use problems.
  • Reduce the investment in equipment by using BYOD system: Bring Your Own Deice, such as PC, notebook, smartphone, and tablet (iOS/Android) etc.
  • Offer the advices by the expert staff via 24-hour Call Center.


Document Management System

Document and Content Management on Cloud
Document and Content Management on Cloud manages the digital files that converts the paper into data. The technology to transform the image to data and the searching system control the version and authorization with the highest security level by sending the file to inspect and approve the tool and sharing knowledge and collaborating quickly. The setting and customization is applicable to easily and quickly suit the business process. The system offers the storage and control and search service on the digital files for all systems in the organization.

Key qualities and competence of beONE DMS

Document Management:
Manage, store, control, search, and collaborate the documents quickly, as well as identify the authorization to access with high security.

Enterprise Collaboration:
Facilitate the team in creating the digital documents and sharing knowledge and creativity quickly on the collaboration site.

Document Scan and OCR:
Change the document to the valuable data that can be retrieved at a glance by scanning and converting from the image to data with high accuracy Thai OCR.