Security as a Service

Secure the significant data by the international standard security system embedded in the computer network because the unknown attack or the unauthorized communication might affect the business. The service is worthy to reduce the risks of system.


Virtual Firewall

New form of security system
The computer network security system prevents the attack or the unauthorized communication as the Virtual Firewall that replaces the traditional network firewall with the new features for the better efficiency


Traffic data storage on computer
iLog serves the inclusive services, such as traffic data storage (LOG), to comply with Computer - Related Crime Act B.E. 2550. Such alert helps to mitigate the threats timely, offers the difference in the use of report which is very useful and appropriate for the client?s organization.


Network connections from different locations to the center infrastructure
The systematic allocation covering the internet / intranet / security / Cloud / IDC / VDI to minimize the IT risks, is controlled from the center without the investment in hardware. As a result, the system continuity and efficiency of the service is efficient and effective. The expert staff is available 24x7 to support.