Digital Outsource

INET - IT Personnel and service to steer up your business 4.0

The new inclusive service from INET by INET Digital Outsource which provides the IT staff and services to minimize the problems of non-skilled staff. We select the experts and deliver the quality works to move your business forward toward the success.

Why INET services?

  • Service by the IT experts and experienced team staff for 24-hour.
  • Shorten the IT personnel recruitment process and time.
  • Save the cost of recruitment, skills training and management.

Digital Outsource Services

IT Outsource Service

A team of IT experts and experienced staff are ready to provide the services with the following appropriate skills.

  • IT Support/Infrastructure IT support staff to support the following infrastructure.
    - System infrastructure such as system infrastructure, OS/Hypervisor, middleware, application, and database.
    - Network infrastructure such as network infrastructure and security.
    - IT monitor and inclusive IT solutions 24 x 7

  • Software Development IT support staff to support the software.
    - Programming skills such as UX/UI, Java, JavaScript, Python, NodeJs, PHP, Swift, Vue, React native, Angular, CSS, C#, and .Net.
    - Platform such as Blockchain, Big Data and Machine Learning.

  • Mobile Development IT support staff to support the development of applied programs for mobile devices such as iOS and Android developer.

  • Cyber Security IT support staff to support data surveillance and security such as SOC (Security Operation Center Services), work and system hacking detection or personnel allocation for SOC operation, security engineer, and security consultant.

Project Outsource Service

The team of skillful and proficient staff manages and administrates the quality IT projects with the following services:

  • Platform as a Service
  • Website
  • e-Commerce
  • Digital Marketing (UX/UI, SEO, Google Ads, Content Creating, Social Media Management for Facebook, Youtube)

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