Solution Benefits


Guarantee SLA based on uptime 99.90%

Web Portal

Resource Management Portal to manage the Cloud Server

Datacenter Redundancy

3 Locations across country the serve the Cloud service and this can be Disaster Recovery Site


Certified with ISO 20000, ISO27001 and CSA-STAR with Deep Security to protect the VM

Cloud Solution Consultant

Provided Cloud Consultant that can help to advise on the Cloud Solution


Ability to add/reduce the resource whenever you want

Free Trial 30 Days

Business Continuity


VM as a Service

  • Advance Security
  • Web Portal, UI Interface and Monitor Utilization
  • Datacenter Redundancy (3 Locations across country)
  • Scalable Virtual Server to match with the requirement
  • Backup Maximum 7 Copies
  • Able to provide with 99.90% SLA

Backup as a Service

  • Backup Solution Consultant service
  • Self Service Restore thought "Web Portal"
  • Data Protection on the Cloud Compatible
  • Able to provide with 99.90% SLA

DRaaS as a Service

  • DR Solution Consultant service
  • Self Service Failover thought "Web Portal"
  • Flexible RTO/RPO (Minimum 1 Hours)
  • Point in time Failover
  • Advanced Security
  • Compatible for vSphere environments
  • Able to provide with 99.90% SLA


  • Object Storage based with INETS3 on the Cloud
  • Access from anywhere
  • Control access, security( encryption at rest) and data integrity
  • Massive Scale
  • Able to provide with 99.50% SLA
  • Rest API Support
  • Strong Infrastructure with Availability Zone


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