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INET who is ICT Infrastructure as a Service Provider

The company is a provider of ICT infrastructure services for businesses and individuals who want to use ICT as a tool to strengthen the competitiveness of business. The company offers services ranging from full scope of network connectivity also data center with fully equipment for those who want an effective with international standards. The company’s business can be divided into two major groups as follows:

Operates a business that transforms knowledge into business opportunities.

Full Internet Access for Business

The Company provides full Internet access services with various speeds and service areas cover all provinces. Users are able to access the nationwide Internet networks. Internet service can be connected in various means such as through leased lines and MetroLAN network connected to the offices’ Intranet networks in leading buildings in the middle of Bangkok. The speed is 10 Mbps on 10 Gbps. fiber optic network. The Company is committed to provide high quality and stable services. Bandwidth is managed to satisfy customer needs and the technical support team is available 24 hours. As a result, the Company services are recognized and chosen by many large business organizations in Thailand.

Business Solutions

      Internet Data Center (IDC) Services :

INET IDC is a service center for various kinds of services provided to all business organizations or agencies that need to present data through Internet/Intranet networks, both public and private networks. The followings are the examples.

  • Business Continuity Planning/Disaster Recovery Center: Data backup center for management of databases efficiently and safely and support operation during emergency such as flood crisis.
  • INET Security Center: IT security monitoring center with log management in compliance with the Computer Crime Act B.E. 2550 (2007) to cover all needs and budgets of organizations at all levels. Besides, the Company has in place security and IT experts for assistance and consultation when the system intrusion occurs.
  • Dedicated Server: Server leasing services for organizations that need privacy. The Company has various plans for the leasing service.
  • Co-Location: Server depository service for organizations that need privacy to deposit the equipment in allocated area.

Both IDCs, at Thai Summit Tower and at Bangkok Thai Tower, run mutual backup systems in full redundancy manner through 10 Gbps Metro Ethernet Ring. The security systems meeting international standards are equipped for 24-hour service. The services are provided to leading organizations such as financial institutions operating online securities trading, popular website providers, and overseas users promoting products and services in Thailand.

      Cloud Services :

Cloud service is the virtual computing service under the Information Security Management System of ISO27001: 2013 which can be divided into 3 categories as follows:

  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) is the service that provides infrastructure for the company in terms of hardware which will reduce the user’s IT investment cost.
  • Platform as a Service (PaaS) is the service that company can run the applications on the system without worrying about an investment in hardware and software equipments.
  • Software as a Service (SaaS) is the service in the form of applications such as Email on Cloud and Antivirus.

      EDC Network Pool Service :

EDC Network Pool is the Credit Card Payment System Center linked between banks and other merchants through the various telecommunications networks such as landline telephone, mobile phone, and the internet. Card transactions are safe and flexible in all nationwide areas. In 2012, the Company became a business alliance with Transaction Network Services Company Limited (TNS), a World leader in a payment service system. The collaboration aims to develop service standards in compliance with the PCI DSS standard that all organizations shall keep, process, or transmit information of electronic card users. The standard includes network maintenance and creation of secured physical environment to protect personal information of card users and stable back up switching systems to immediately replace the main system for 24 hours.

      Software Services :

Online application for customers such as Online recruitment and mail services etc.

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