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Internet Thailand Public Company Limited is a one-stop service provider of ICT infrastructure for businesses and individuals who wish to use ICT as a tool to enhance competitiveness of their businesses. The Company offers a comprehensive array of services, ranging from cloud service, digital service and full internet access services, internet data center services and supporting equipment for those who seek for efficient and quality services with international standards to be used as a tool to improve both efficiency and efficacy of businesses.

The Company was established on 1 March 1995 under the name of Internet Thailand Service Center (ITSC) that offered internet services for commercial purposes. On 14 May 1996, the Council of Ministers passed a resolution for the incorporation of the Company. Accordingly, the Company was incorporated on 13 May 1997 with the paidup capital of THB 16 million and a par value of THB 10 per share. Moreover, on 9 October 1997, the Company received approval from Communications Authority of Thailand to act as the internet service provider for legal entities or organizations, as well as natural persons, without limitation of time. On 28 August 2001, the Company was converted into a public limited company and increased its registered capital according to the resolution of the Council of Ministers, and was first traded in the Stock Exchange of Thailand on 14 November 2001.


Internet Thailand Service Center : ITSC


the Council of Ministers passed a resolution for the incorporation of the Company


the Company was converted into a public limited company and increased its registered capital according to the resolution of the Council of Ministers, and was first traded in the Stock Exchange of Thailand


Adjust brand image and use a new logo


Establish a subsidiary Mandala Communication Company Limited


Build a second IDC Center at Thai Summit Tower


Received ISO certification at both IDC centers


To be the leader in Cloud Services


Expand business in the IDC-3


INET-IDC3 Saraburi is open for service.

The Company developed its digital-technology services at a full scale with two categories of ICT infrastructure services as follows:

1. Infrastructure as a Service

Infrastructure as a service has combined Cloud Solutions, Co-Location and Internet Access services together.

1.1 Cloud Solutions

services that incorporate the use of computer resources and internet networks under security standards that comply with ISO/IEC 27001 and ISO/IEC 20000. Cloud services can be classified into three major categories, as follows:

  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)
    is a service of information technology such as Server, Storage, which is an operating system that enables the use of software to simulate the operation of other computers where users do not need to maintain the equipment. It helps service users to save IT investment and manage income in relation to expenditures.

  • Platform as a Service (PaaS)
    is a service that allows users to bring Application to work on this system. It will help service users to use without investing in hardware and software, such as the Electronic Tax Invoice Service, the Digital Document Management System (Paperless), Electronic Certification Service and preparation services for information technology security (Cyber Security), etc.

  • Software as a Service (SaaS)
    is a software service through the Internet which users do not have to install the software on the terminal device and does not require maintenance for hardware, software, and data such as Email on Cloud, Accounting Software on Cloud, etc.

The Company has been providing Public Cloud Solutions for the Enterprise for over 7 years, having received the certificate for the security standard according to ISO/IEC 27001:2013 and received ISO/IEC 27018:2014 standard on the safety of personal information. We are the first one in Thailand who received the ISO/IEC 27018:2014 standard for the Cloud Service and the INET-IDC data operation center at Thai Summit Tower, Bangkok Thai Tower and the INET-IDC3 project.

We also received the ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certification for Cloud Solutions Service and ISO 20000-1:2011 certification for information management services and Cloud Solutions Service, both at Thai Summit Tower Bangkok, Thai Tower and at the INET-IDC3, which is the guarantee of the quality and standard of the Company's Cloud Solutions Service that customers will receive good and quality service. It is also the first Cloud Security Alliance - Security, Trust & Assurance Registry (CSA-STAR) certification in Thailand, which CSA-STAR is the only information security standard for Cloud Solutions.

The Company is also developing new services in the Cloud for customers to choose from services more such as Infrastructure for Big Data, Chatbot as a Service, Document Management as a Service, which reduces paper usage and increases the speed of management more systematically. It is also obtained the certified standards ISO27799:2016 on the information security management to build the confidence of customers in the healthcare business group that focuses on the security of health information in particular and to ensure customers more confidence in providing financial transaction services, and to raise the standard of financial transaction security service. The Company has also received PCIDSS certification under the scope of PCI Cloud IaaS for Online Payment service.

The Company has received the investment benefit from Cloud Solutions from BOI, resulting in an 8-year corporate income tax exemption on Cloud Solutions.

1.2 INET Data Center Service

The INET Information Data Center (INET-IDC) is a service center for organizations or businesses who need to present information through the Internet/ Intranet, both public network and private network offer various services such as

  • Co-Location:
    deposit service for organizations that need security and stability by bringing their existing devices and depositing them in the space provided.
  • Business Continuity Planning/Disaster Recovery Center:
    INET Information Operations Centers (INET-IDC) are located at the 3 locations of the Company which are: Bangkok Thai Tower Building (INET-IDC1), Thai Summit Tower Building (INET-IDC2) and Kaeng Khoi District, Saraburi Province (INET-IDC3).

1.3 Internet Access

The Company operates as a provider of internet connections for businesses at various speeds. There are internet service areas covering all provinces that allow service users to connect to the Internet network throughout the country. This internet service can be connected through a broadband internet network, Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) and SD Wan-based services that offer the flexibility to provide service at a reasonable cost/ Also, the bandwidth management is available to suit the needs of the customers. It is able to check real-time usage status at any time with technical consultants 24 hours a day with the guaranteed high quality by Service Level Agreement (SLA) Uptime 99.90%. Software-defined network that help manage a network is one of the key infrastructures of the Company. That has been automated to reduce the risk of human error. As a result, the service has been recognized and selected by many large business organizations in the country.

2. Business Platform Service

2.1 E-Transaction Service Business

Nowadays, electronic transactions play an important role in the modern economy. The Company has realized the benefits and, therefore, has a service related to electronic transactions such as E-Tax Invoice Service Provider.

  • E-Tax Invoice Service :
    Tax invoice reformatted from paper to electronic information is to enable entrepreneurs to make the electronic information, according to the specified format, deliver to buyers of goods or service recipients with a system linked to the Revenue Department as well as keeping electronic tax invoices in accordance with the security standards in the information system to help reduce the burden and increase the time of their own transactions. The system data is stored on the Cloud that is certified with information security standards (PCI DSS: Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard), has accurate functionality in accordance with the Revenue Department and international standards, can be easily connected to the ERP system and can be used for large organizations.